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This one-hour online course will cover the fundamental concepts around Smart-lighting Control & Monitoring infrastructure, and how to use it as a communication backbone for other smart-cities applications. Participants will learn about the principles of wireless meshed networks, the various standard & best-of-breed network technologies for various control & monitoring applications, requirements for IT systems’ scalability in city-wide deployments and the impact on current regulations versus liabilities. Finally, we will present an overview of the challenges that need to be overcome & strategies to take for Cities to ripe the benefits of Smart Infrastructures.


Learn about how the Internet of Things is being deployed in municipal environments, how the addition of sensors and actuators to street lighting controls is providing information to decision making managers and workers. We will also explore the impact of getting so much (too much?) new information on decision making and the additional pressure this is putting on the various administrations when not planned for properly.





Upon completion of the training program, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the concepts and characteristics of energy-efficient lighting control for public lighting;
  • Understand the differences between wired & various wireless meshed networks, what they are for (and many misperceptions) and how to ensure future-proofing of the technology platforms
  • Identify typical opportunities to build the city’s wireless infrastructure, as well as deploying technology to make city services and systems more efficient and creating a collaborative ecosystem involving various municipal services & departments
  • Understand the importance of the software platform, not only for automation, but also to ease the deployment and mainly to withstand the sheer scalability of the monitoring data flow necessary to ensure good practices of effective lighting maintenance, and create an environment that users will trust and continue to use;
  • Understand how the Lighting control infrastructure can tie into the smart-meter infrastructure
  • Perform calculations of lighting energy & maintenance savings and analyze the payback.


Target Clientele

  • Leaders and projects managers of governmental services or public services bodies in charge of public lighting, material resources and energy management
  • Leaders and projects managers of engineering consulting firms or professional consultants offering expert services in lighting and energy efficiency
  • Heads of engineering departments or managers in charge of public lighting, material resources management in public, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings
  • Owners and executives of commercial and industrial enterprises

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