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Are you interested in the impact that climate change is having on Canada’s environmental and economic landscapes? This online training will explore the economics of a carbon cap and trade system for Canadian businesses.


Climate change is forcing humanity to get serious about managing its carbon emissions. One of the proposed solutions is the adoption of a cap-and-trade system, which will limit, or cap, the annual emissions for key industries. Additional emission reductions will be made available for trade through a carbon market, thus allowing the larger emitters to purchase offsets from certified sources. The expected benefits of the cap-and-trade will include both a managed reduction of overall emissions and a new economic opportunity for those organizations that commit to reducing their own carbon footprint. 




Upon completion of this online training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the cap and trade accounting system for carbon emissions
  • Describe the current carbon marketplace and the impacted industries
  • Estimate economic benefits associated with the cap and trade model


Target Clientele

  • Architects/Engineers
  • Manufacturers
  • Municipal staff
  • Project Managers
  • Green Associates/LEED Professionals
  • Builders/Contractors
  • Cost Consultants
  • Material Manufacturers/Suppliers

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