The Building Operator Certification (BOC®) program is an eight-module, nine-day competency – based training and certification program, offering facilities personnel the improved job skills and knowledge to transform workplaces to be more comfortable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. The program consists of eight courses delivered in a total of nine days of training.


Each course consists of highly interactive and hands-on classroom training facilitated by very knowledgeable and experienced building professionals, project assignments to be completed at the participant’s facility, and an in-class exam administered at the end of each day of training.


Building operators are responsible for the day-to-day maintenance and operation of large buildings with complex heating, mechanical and electrical systems – and these offer many opportunities for big energy savings. You and your company can do a lot to make sure that your buildings are operated in the most energy-efficient way possible – increasing tenant comfort, saving money and reducing your environmental footprint.


For more information on the BOC program, please visit BOC’s official website.


This program is offered in collaboration with the Dubai Real Estate Institute and Etihad Energy Services/TAQATI.
Building Operator Certification (BOC) Dubai Etihad-TAQATI


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