IIET offers On-Site & Custom Training Services for groups of 12+ participants, anywhere in the world.


On-site Training

Though IIET is offering more than 50 public training sessions every year, we can also come to you! Indeed, all our training programs can be offered on-site, anywhere, for groups of 12+ participants. We all hate to pay hotel fees and if you can provide a training room and take care of catering, IIET can offer you discounted rates on most of our training programs plus the following main benefits:

– Choose training dates

– Reduce travel expenses

– Reduce travel time outside the office/building

– Flexibility of the training schedule

– Targeted examples, case studies and questions


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Custom Training

Our team of internal and external trainers can cover just about any topic in energy efficiency (EE), as well as most renewable energy topics, making IIET a true sustainable energy training institute. Whether you want your team to have a half-day course on motor repair best practices with an EE approach or you want to have a workshop on the different EE financing options applicable to your specific industry, our team can cover it all.


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Measurement and Verification Plans Revision

As the lead international training partner for the Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO) in providing the CMVP program internationally, IIET is in a great position to certify that third-party measurement and verification ((M&V) plans are prepared according to international best practices in M&V, such as:

-the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP)

-ISO-TC 242 Energy Management Standard


Contact us to get a quick quotation to have your M&V plan reviewed by IIET’s team!




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